Cbeebies Bedtime Stories睡前故事:BBC出品的给孩子的睡前故事,由BBC的播音员主讲,播音员现场播讲和故事的绘本图案交替出现,表情生动,绘本精美,一定会给孩子耳目一新的感受。选用的有声故事内容虽然简单,但其故事发音的速度及语调,颇适合学童做英文听力练习。

Cbeebies Bedtime Stories睡前故事:BBC出品的给孩子的睡前故事,由BBC的播音员主讲,播音员现场播讲和故事的绘本图案交替出现,表情生动,绘本精美,一定会给孩子耳目一新的感受。选用的有声故事内容虽然简单,但其故事发音的速度及语调,颇适合学童做英文听力练习。
Winnies Midnight Dragon
How Big Is a Million
Penguin Small
Eat Your Peas
Happy Birthday Winnie
A New Home for a Pirate
Click Clack Moo Cows That Type
Mr Bears Holiday
Pete the Sheep
Bobs Best Friend Ever
Mungo and the Dinosaur Island
Ruby Sings the Blues
The Star Faced Crocodile
Small Knight and George
Stuck in the Mud
Giggle Giggle Quack
A Visitor for Bear
The Show at Rickety Barn
Follow the Swallow
Polly Jean Pyjama Queen
Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Bed
What Friends Do Best
Whos Been Eating My Porridge
If I Were You
Tappity Tap - What Was That
A Visitor for Bear
Mr Big
That Pesky Rat
That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
The Bog Baby
Once There Was a House
The Cow That Laid an Egg
The Topsy Turvies
Thump Quack Moo
Delilah Darling is in the Library
The Best Gift of All
Sidney the Little Blue Elephant
The Magic Shoebox Farm
When Lulu Went to the Zoo
Knight Time
The Blackest Hole in Space
The Little Star Who Wished
What Pet to Get
and a Bit
Emily Brown and the Thing
My Amazing Dad
Russell the Sheep
Mr Bears Holiday
Goodnight Magic Moon
The Dragon Festival
Trixie the Witchs Cat
Minty and Tink
Library Lion
Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Red Fox
Evies Mad Hair Day
Mr Bears Picnic
Whos Been Eating My Porridge
The Lamb Who Came for Dinner
Emily Elephant Emergency
How High is the Sky
Small Mouse Big City
The Christmas Bear
The Fox in the Dark
Diamond in the Snow
Bella Gets Her Skates On
The Big Dark
Penguin Post
Tiny Rannosaurus and Big Footasaurus
The Hipponotamus
Nobody Laughs at a Lion
My Amazing Dad
Daft Bat
Trumpet the Little Elephant
Six Dinner Sid
Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood
Jungle Jive
Magic Sky
Anyone for Tennis
Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs - The Magic Cutlass
How Deep is the Sea
The Pencil
Winnies Amazing Pumpkin